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Sunday, August 16, 2015

40 Years ago Today: #QPR's (so-nearly) Title-Winning Season Kicked off with Goal of the Season vs Liverpool

Forty years ago today, QPR's brilliant 1975-76 season kicked off against Liverpool.


 QPR's TWO GOALS Vs Liverpool in that Opening Game

- For 10 Days, Champions of England, after beating Leeds United!

- See Bushman QPR Archives for more from that season

- QPR Results

- Watching Liverpool "Steal" QPR's Title (Thanks Wolves!) 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Joint #QPRFan Group Reps Meeting with New #QPR CEO, Lee Hoos

Joint Fan Group Reps Meeting with New QPR CEO, Lee Hoos


Report prepared and produced by Loft For Words' Clive Whittingham with minutes taken by Neil Dejyothin.

This is being posted on the various QPR Messageboards

Present from QPR:

Lee Hoos, CEO (LH)
Ian Taylor, head of media and communications (IT)
Paul Morrissey, press and media manager (PM)

From the sites:
Steve Sayce, IndyRs (SS)
Paul Finney, QPR Podcast (PF)
Bethan Lang, Not606 (BL)
Saffa Michail, Dot.Org (SM)
Hud Saunders, WATRBs (HS)
Clive Whittingham, LFW (CW)
Eusebio, QPR Report (EQR)

Neil Dejyothin (ND)


1 - Introduction

LH began the meeting by running through his background prior to arriving at QPR.
- Been in the UK for 19 years, originally from Maryland in the US with a background in legal and HR. Starting to understand cricket.
- Started at Fulham when Mohammed Al Fayed had taken over and was given a remit to build the infrastructure of the club one-step ahead of its progress on the field so that when it got to the Premier League the set up was of sufficient standard for the highest level. Looked at the way major clubs in other sports in the UK, US and Australia operated and incorporated it into a blueprint he has used at the clubs he’s worked at. LH said, when he first started in football, oddly, he found in the UK a lot of the innovation, creativity and dynamism was coming from clubs lower down the chain because they had to, and the higher up you went the more static and stuck in their ways they were.
- Spent a shorter period at Southampton post relegation from the Premier League and after their parachute payments had ended. Regretted not being able to stay there longer and have more effect. Said the board situation was complex at the time and that made it difficult to make progress.
- Milan Mandaric called him a week after he left Southampton and took him up to Leicester just after their relegation from the Championship. Integral to taking Nigel Pearson there following his departure from Southampton. Mandaric subsequently sold the club to current Thai owners after promotion back to the Championship and LH departed.
- Attracted by the stable board and presence of Eddie Howe at Burnley. Subsequently Howe went back to Bournemouth and Sean Dyche came in. Hoos, Dyche and the board focused on crafting a “one club mentality” which had key messages and aims – number one of which was ‘be financially sustainable’. Dyche bought into this and worked within it very successfully. Planning permission just granted for a training ground development which will enable them to move up from category 3 academy to category 2.
- Says the QPR owners are brilliant people, desperate for success, who have learnt some expensive lessons. Rather than spend big to get back to the Premier League the aim is to run the club more rationally and that is LH’s remit – build a solid platform from which to grow in a sustainable manner . Not a short term thinker.

2 - Club values, strengths and weaknesses
LH said he is keen to get a broad cross section of opinions, not just hear from one specific interest group. He wants to hear from people from all over the ground, season ticket holders and casual attenders, people who work for the club and play for it so he can get to grips with the DNA and the fabric of the club and build a blueprint from there.
LH asked those in attendance to say what the club meant to them, what they felt it should be and where they thought it was at the moment. From that a list of strengths and weaknesses/opportunities was produced which, by and large, tallied with what he’d been told by other QPR supporters he’s spoken to so far.

- The stadium, the location, the proximity to the pitch
- Colours/kit
- History, the flair and style of the 1970s team
- An active and pro-active fanbase, which has previously fought off mergers and collected money in hard times.
- The current media output from the club, behind the scenes access, reconnecting with supporters.
- The Community Trust
- Feels like we are moving now in the right direction.

- Loss of loyalty. The club used to be known for its long serving players and staff.
- The lack of legacy that was left owing to a couple of seasons of spending in the Premier League
- Naivety. Past decisions were not informed decisions. Heart ruling the head.
- False promises, often through the chairman’s social media.
- The debt, and lack of clarity on who holds the debt, who’s responsible for it, what happens if the backing is withdrawn.
- The bad press we attract.
- Lack of consultation, often not realising a decision being taken really matters to supporters.
- Lack of consistency in messaging has resulted in good ideas being poorly executed (Family Stand). Skewed expectation levels as a result.

3 - Question and Answer

New Stadium/Training Ground:

LH said he’s here to make the club sustainable. He said that even standing still would be falling behind, because other clubs are moving forwards all the time. The new stadium was a long term aspiration, but it is important to do it in a staged way. The first stage of that is to grow the fanbase to demonstrate there is a need for it, because it was difficult going from 10,500 season ticket holders and suddenly having a 35,000 seater stadium. LH says the training ground and infrastructure is – in his view – a key priority because improving the football is the best way to grow the fanbase.
“I would urge if it comes down to a choice, which isn’t what I am suggesting is the case at the moment, between investing in the training ground or investing in the stadium, do the training ground because that’s where the players spend all their time and that’s what will help make the difference on the pitch on Saturday at three o’clock.”

The club remains in dialogue with the Football League and whilst this issue is ongoing, the club is not in a position to comment publicly.

How the roles divide up between Les Ferdinand and LH
LH says he does not “try and play FIFA or Football Manager in real life, it’s not my role.” LH says he knows the market but the model he wanted at Burnley was the one we have now at QPR with a DoF with a CEO as a back-up and support. Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey calls the shots, he and Chris Ramsey are the football experts. LH says he works to enable them to do their job. He has no input on the players coming in other than how it affects the budget. They’re trying to integrate the whole operation into the ‘one club’ mentality.
Les is in charge of the playing side. LH says Les knows what financial position we have to get to on the playing side and it’s everyone’s jobs to help Les to get us there in a balanced manner.
“My job is to enable experts in their jobs and make sure they have everything they need to be successful.”

Family Stand/Lower Loft
LH asked about the potential take up for selling season tickets in the Lower School End, trying to build a regular following there and partially addressing that lack of vocal support behind the goals. The group agreed there was potential for it to be ‘occupied’ and made our own.
LH said from what he understood the idea of the Family Stand was a very good one, but poorly executed due to the lack of consultation.

Stats-based approach
LH said he saw it as part of a wider picture. He likes managers who are into their ProZone and Opta stats but doesn’t believe football works in the same way as Baseball and the famous Moneyball example. There is a place for it, it doesn’t replace the eyes and ears of a guy going out and watching a player but can raise interesting players to watch and target. Can also help reinforce what you think you saw.

Our licence to sponsor foreign employees has been restored having initially been suspended after the Sandro situation transpired. Sandro has applied for his permit to return and the club is confident he will return before the close of the transfer window. But he has conditioning work to do having missed pre-season and will not be able to return straight to the first team.

LH said the official relationship with Viagogo will not continue. That’s not to say we won’t use them to occasionally sell tickets in the future, but the current relationship is discontinued. The only way we’d consider using them is to fill the Lower School End for certain matches. We want to fill the stadium for every match, we want to move casual attenders up to members and embers up to season ticket holders. We want to market to the supporters we have data on ourselves.
LH says the club is looking into other ticket re-sale options, possibly in-house. He says there were 2,600 “no-shows” in the Premier League (people who have bought tickets but don’t turn up) on average at QPR home games. Says that the family stand rules affecting midweek attendances may skew that average. Barcoded tickets it makes it very easy to manage and it’s one of the first things LH is looking at.

LH has previously operated a ‘Supporters’ Consultation Committee’ at other clubs with a cross representation of supporters from different stands, supporter associations, disability associations and so on to meet regularly and provide feedback and get answers to key issues. The websites were asked to nominate one individual, or run it on a rotation basis, to meet with LH as part of that. First meeting early September.

Monday, March 09, 2015

The New #QPR Stadium: Conflicting Messages About Size?

 See Bushman History Archives of QPR's Early Days

   Since taking over the club almost four years ago, QPR's Owners have been talking about building a new QPR Stadium away from Loftus Road.

A New Stadium has in fact been a topic of conversation by various QPR's owners over the years (even over the decades)

   The latest  proposed QPR Stadium is targeted in the Old Oak area (as part of a much bigger development)

For now, the new stadium is contingent on what is approved regarding the future development of "Old Oak Commons/New Queens Park." For starters, there is a "rival" development coalition spearheaded by Car Giant, who have their own ideas re developing the area!

Whatever happens, happens. But from the QPR perspective, if there is to be a stadium, beyond questions of who exactly will own the stadium, and so forth:

For the past couple of years,  the club after initially saying they had not decided on the size of the new (multi-purpose) stadium, have basically been saying 40,000 size stadium.

  Hitherto, QPR have been talking about 40,000. Various past announcements from QPR. such as this one in December 2013 entitled  "Club unveils plans for new 40,000 seater stadium in Old Oak..."

    Various pronouncements and interviews since have continue to use the number "40,000"

  The Official "QPR-offshoot" "New Queens Park" Site has under FAQs: "How big will the stadium be?The stadium will have 40,000 seats" (and this continues to be online)

   Yet on Saturday, QPR's Chairman Tony Fernandes tweeted.

"who said we are getting 40 k. I'm more keen on 30 to 35"

So was just this a one-off tweet from the Chairman expressing his own views rather than the corporate entity? Or is this a case (seemingly like Warren Farm) in which the club owners have an "evolving" attitude towards what they will be building?
   On the basis of over 125 years of Fan support for QPR and the size of their Fan support one can make a very good case for a smaller-size stadium (ideally with potential for future growth).

   If the primary criteria is the multi-purpose usage and the belief that a larger-size stadium is necessary for that (along with hypothetically, greater growth in support for QPR and "Neutrals" coming to watch the team.)

So a case can certainly be made either way. Many fans would probably welcome a smaller stadium.

    Either way, a certain consistency might be nice though. Maybe the club truly hasn't decided on size in which case, maybe it should make that clear.

Obviously behind all this, there is the fact that there may not be a new Stadium, unless the London authorities give the go ahead. But that is for another day!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

#QPR Fans Among Better-Rated Fans of London Clubs...Chelsea and Millwall, the Worst-Viewed

Good to read!

A YouGov Survey of how residents viewed Fans of the various London Football Clubs in the Premiership, Championship and League One. Results below.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

#QPR Managerial Appointments: Arrival and Departure Statements - From Redknapp Back to Houston

QPR Managerial Appointments: Arrival and Departure Statements: From Redknapp Back to Houston

QPR Managerial Arrival and Departure Announcements

From Houston to Redknapp:  QPR Managerial Arrival and Departure Announcements ("Hello...Goodbye")
- QPR managerial arrival and departures have become a not-infrequent occurrence at Loftus Road. For at touch of nostalgia, a look back at a decade of QPR Official statements announcing their latest managerial appointments and departures: Harry Redknapp...Mark Hughes...Neil Warnock...Mick Harford...Paul Hart....Jim Magilton...Paulo Sousa...Gareth Ainsworth...Iain Dowie...Luigi De Canio...John Gregory...Gary Waddock...Iain Holloway...Gerry Francis...Ray Harford...Stuart Houston!. - Complete list of QPR Managers


3rd February 2015

Harry Redknapp resigns from managerial position at QPR ...
HARRY Redknapp has tendered his resignation at QPR, which has been accepted by the Board.

Redknapp – who joined the club in November 2012, overseeing 105 matches in charge – informed Chairman Tony Fernandes of his decision to resign this morning.

He will undergo knee replacement surgery in the coming weeks.

Redknapp told www.qpr.co.uk: “I have had such a fantastic time at QPR. I would like to thank the Board, the players and all my staff, and especially the supporters who have been absolutely fantastic to me since I arrived at the club for their tremendous support.

“Sadly I need immediate surgery on my knee which is going to stop me from doing my job in the coming weeks. It means I won’t be able to be out on the training pitch every day, and if I can’t give 100 per-cent I feel it’s better for someone else to take over the reins.

“My relationship with Tony Fernandes has been one of the highlights of my footballing career and I wish the club every success. I am confident they will survive in the Premier League this year.”

Speaking on behalf of the Board, QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Harry for everything he has done for QPR during his time in charge.

“We part on good terms and I would personally like to wish him all the best for the future.”

Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey have been placed in temporary charge of the team until further notice.

The club will be making no further comment.  QPR


10:54 24th November 2012
by @OfficialQPR
Harry pens two-and-a-half year deal ...

I can’t wait to get to work and get the results necessary to kick-start our season"
Harry Redknapp
QUEENS Park Rangers Football Club is delighted to confirm the appointment of Harry Redknapp as the club’s new manager.

The 65 year-old has signed a two-and-a-half year contract at Loftus Road and will watch his new team from the stands when the R’s take on Manchester United at Old Trafford this afternoon.

Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, Redknapp said: “I’m delighted to be back in the managerial hot-seat at QPR.

“When I spoke to the Shareholders and they told me about their plans I knew this was too good an opportunity to turn down.

“There’s no doubt there’s a lot of ability in the squad, but for one reason or another things haven’t gone as well as everyone expected since the start of the season.

“I can’t wait to get to work and get the results necessary to kick-start our season.”

Redknapp’s arrival in W12 represents a significant coup for the club.

Widely-regarded as one of the best English managers in the business, Redknapp’s track record at the highest level speaks for itself.

After guiding Portsmouth to an FA Cup Final victory in 2007/08, he enjoyed arguably his finest hour in management at Tottenham Hotspur, where he led them into the Champions League for the first time in their history at the end of the 2009/10 season.

He was also named Premier League Manager of the Year at the end of that campaign.

Speaking on behalf of the QPR Shareholders, QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes, said: “Harry was our number one target, the unanimous choice of the Board and we’re delighted we’ve been able to attract him to the club.

“He has a proven track record in the Premier League and has all the characteristics we were looking for to get us out of the current situation we find ourselves in.

“His man-management skills are second to none and we are confident he is the right man to lead us away from the bottom of the table.

“We believe we have a manager with significant experience at the highest level of football, who can come in and immediately help deliver our objectives.”

QPR Shareholder Kamarudin Bin Meranun added: “While we look forward with Harry we would also like to place on the record our appreciation to Mark.

“Though results have not been good this season, Mark has moved the club forwards in terms of infrastructure and advancing QPR as a Premier League club. For that, we want to thank him.

“He was a consummate professional and it was a difficult decision to make as we had all grown to respect him. We all wish him and his family well for the future.”

A further announcement regarding Redknapp’s backroom team will be made in due course. QPR



10:45 23rd November 2012
by @OfficialQPR
Hughes contract terminated with immediate effect

QUEENS Park Rangers Football Club has today (Friday) terminated the contract of manager Mark Hughes with immediate effect.

This decision has been taken after careful consideration by the Board of Directors, following numerous meetings over the last few days.

The Board of Directors wish to thank Mark for his commitment, hard work and dedication in his ten months in charge.

Mark has shown integrity and professionalism throughout his time here, but ultimately the circumstances we find ourselves in have left the Board of Directors with very little choice but to make a change.

The Board will now be working actively to put a new managerial structure in place as soon as possible.

Mark Bowen and Eddie Niedzwiecki will take charge of the R's trip to Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League on Saturday afternoon.

The club will be making a further announcement in due course.

Official Site

Posted on: Tue 10 Jan 2012

Queens Park Rangers Football Club is delighted to confirm the appointment of Mark Hughes as the Club's new Manager.

The 48 year-old has signed a two-and-a-half year deal at Loftus Road and will take charge of First Team training this afternoon.

Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, Hughes said: "It's a great feeling to be back in football and to be the Manager of QPR.

"I'm fully aware of the challenge in the short and long term and I am genuinely excited about the ambition of the owners.
"Nobody can doubt the history of this great Football Club and the passion of its fantastically loyal supporters.

"Now the immediate priority is to consolidate our place in the Barclays Premier League, but beyond that, the future is very bright and fills me with great enthusiasm."

QPR Chairman, Tony Fernandes, said: "Mark has a proven track record in the Premier League, bringing a wealth of experience at both Club and international level.

"He has a great passion to achieve as a Manager and has already been hugely successful in his career.

"His ambitions match those of the Board and we are delighted to have him at the helm."

QPR Vice Chairman, Amit Bhatia, added: "Mark has a great managerial pedigree and has proven over the years to be a very astute Manager.

"I am looking forward to working with him to bring success to the Club."

QPR CEO, Philip Beard, said: "Having spoken at length with Mark, I know he is brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation about the challenge of taking QPR forward and I believe he is the perfect choice to deliver the success we all desire."

Vastly-experienced, Hughes has built a reputation as one of Britain's most admired Managers, with success at both Club and international level.

He has a proven track record in the transfer market, recruiting the likes of Vincent Kompany, Nigel de Jong, Moussa Dembele and Christopher Samba to the Premier League.

In his five years in charge of Wales, Hughes turned around the fortunes of the national side, before being appointed Blackburn Rovers boss in September 2004.

He guided Rovers to seventh place in the 2007/08 Premier League campaign, before moving to Manchester City at the start of the following season.

City, with the riches of the Abu Dhabi United investment group, would go on to finish tenth in Hughes' first season in charge, as well as reaching the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup.

His spell in Manchester ended in December 2009, however, when he was controversially replaced by Roberto Mancini despite City sitting pretty in sixth place in the top-flight.

Fulham was his next port of call, where he exceeded all expectations with an eighth place finish and Europa League qualification through the Fair Play League.

Hughes - who has only finished outside the top half of the top-flight once in his managerial career - will be joined at the Club by Assistant Manager Mark Bowen, First Team Coach Eddie Niedzwiecki and Goalkeeping Coach Kevin Hitchcock.

The Club will be making no further comment.

*Mark Hughes will be officially unveiled as the Club's new Manager at a Press Conference on Wednesday.



Posted on: Sun 08 Jan 2012

Queens Park Rangers Football Club has today (Sunday 8th January 2012) parted company with Manager Neil Warnock.

Warnock joined the Club in March 2010, overseeing 84 matches in charge, winning 33, drawing 27 and losing 24.

Last season, he successfully guided the Club back to the Premier League for the first time in 15 years.

The Board's commitment to retaining our Premier League status ultimately led to this decision.

QPR Assistant Manager Mick Jones and First Team Coach Keith Curle have also left the Club.

QPR Chairman, Tony Fernandes, said: "This decision has been made in the best interests of the Club and I can assure everyone that this is not a decision that was made lightly.

"Sadly, our recent run of poor form has seen us slip alarmingly down the table and the Board felt it was the right time to make a change.

"Neil has acted with honesty, professionalism and integrity throughout his time at the Club, and I would personally like to thank him for his significant contribution to QPR over the last 22 months.

"I genuinely wish him all the very best for the future and he will always be welcome back at Loftus Road."

QPR Vice-Chairman, Amit Bhatia, added: "It is with a very heavy heart that we make this announcement.

"I played a key role in bringing Neil to Loftus Road and consider him to be a close personal friend and a great professional.

"I would like to place on the record my thanks to him for transforming us from a Championship Club to a Premier League Club.

"As a Club we have gained enormously from Neil's wisdom, experience and leadership. He has always performed his managerial duties to the very highest of standards.

"I wish Neil every success going forward and he will always be welcome at QPR.

"I now look forward to the future and the rest of the season as we work towards stabilising our position in the Premier League."

Neil Warnock said: "Obviously I'm very disappointed, but having achieved so much, I leave the Club with a great sense of pride.

"I have enjoyed my time here more than anywhere else and the QPR fans have been brilliant with me - they deserve success.

"My biggest regret is that the takeover didn't happen earlier, because that would have given me the opportunity to bring in the targets I'd pinpointed all last summer and probably given us a better chance to succeed in the Premier League."

He added: "The board at QPR are hugely ambitious and I wish them every success for the future.

"I've been involved in the game a long time and I will be spending the immediate future with my family and friends before deciding my next career move."

The Club will now begin its search for a new Manager and will make a further announcement in due course.

Read more: http://qprreport.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=28762&page=1#ixzz1iwW50jnL

November 24, 2012

QPR Official Site - March1, 2010

- Queens Park Rangers Football Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Neil Warnock as First Team Manager with immediate effect.- Warnock has today signed a three-and-a-half-year contract at Loftus Road after a compensation agreement was reached with his former club, Crystal Palace FC.
- Warnock, who guided Sheffield United to the Premier League in 2006, said: "I am delighted to be joining a club with the history that QPR has.
- "As a manager, Loftus Road is always a place I loved because of the fantastic atmosphere there.
- "Looking from afar I believe this is the perfect time for me to come in, with the new structure and chairman in place.
- "Together we can give the club the stability that it needs.
- "I am really looking forward to the challenge that's in front of me."
- QPR Chairman Ishan Saksena said: "Neil was always our number one target and so we are delighted to announce him as our manager.
- "He has great experience in English football and a phenomenal track record. I believe he is the right man to help QPR achieve its ambitions.
- "Neil will be given the full support of the Board, and I know our fans will give him their full backing as well."
- Caretaker manager Mick Harford and his assistant Tony Coton have stepped down from their respective roles.
- Harford said: "I was more than happy to help the club out when they asked me, and I did the best I could during my time in caretaker charge.
- "The club needs an experienced manager in order to move forward, and I wish Neil every success.
- "He has joined a fantastic football club with brilliant supporters, and I sincerely hope he does well.
- "The club is in good hands now with the new structure, Ishan Saksena and Gianni Paladini, and I believe QPR has a very bright future." QPR


- The Club can confirm that Manager Paul Hart has decided to leave Queens Park Rangers Football Club with immediate effect.

- Assistant Manager Mick Harford will be taking charge of First Team affairs, starting with this weekend's Championship fixture at Blackpool.
- The Club will be making no further comment at this stage. QPR

- The Club is pleased to confirm the arrival of Paul Hart as First Team Manager.
Following discussions late last night after Jim Magilton's and John Gorman's departures, the appointment was concluded this morning.
Hart will be joined at the Club by new Assistant Manager Mick Harford in a deal which runs until the end of the 2009/10 season.
The Club would like to place on record its thanks to Steve Gallen and Marc Bircham for their efforts while in Caretaker charge.
The Club will be making no further comment at this stage


QPR Official Site - CLUB STATEMENT Fri 15 Jan 2010
- The Club can confirm that Manager Paul Hart has decided to leave Queens Park Rangers Football Club with immediate effect.

- Assistant Manager Mick Harford will be taking charge of First Team affairs, starting with this weekend's Championship fixture at Blackpool.
- The Club will be making no further comment at this stage. QPR

December 2009
- The Club is pleased to confirm the arrival of Paul Hart as First Team Manager.
Following discussions late last night after Jim Magilton's and John Gorman's departures, the appointment was concluded this morning.
Hart will be joined at the Club by new Assistant Manager Mick Harford in a deal which runs until the end of the 2009/10 season.
The Club would like to place on record its thanks to Steve Gallen and Marc Bircham for their efforts while in Caretaker charge.
The Club will be making no further comment at this stage


Wed 16 Dec 2009
The Club can confirm that Jim Magilton and John Gorman have left Queens Park Rangers by mutual consent.
Recent events have been widely reported and whilst Jim Magilton completely denies the allegations, with the full support of John Gorman, it has been agreed that it is in the best interests of the Club and Jim Magilton, if the parties move on in their separate ways.
The Club would like to wish both Jim Magilton and John Gorman good luck in the future and thank them for their hard work.

The Club can confirm that Manager Jim Magilton has been suspended with immediate effect, pending an internal investigation.
The suspension relates to an incident which occurred at Monday's Championship fixture against Watford at Vicarage Road.
The Club will be making no further comment at this stage.

QPR Official Site EXCLUSIVE: MAGILTON APPOINTED - Queens Park Rangers Football Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Jim Magilton as the Club's new Manager.
- The 40 year-old, who made over 50 appearances for Northern Ireland during an illustrious playing career for both Club and country, has put pen to paper on a two year deal at Loftus Road.
- Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, QPR Holdings Ltd Chairman, Flavio Briatore, expressed his delight at Magilton's arrival, commenting: "We had an incredibly high number of applicants, but Jim was the stand-out candidate for the role.
- "We (the Board) sat down with him on four separate occasions over the last month to discuss our goals and ambitions and he has really impressed myself, Mr Ecclestone, Mr Mittal and Mr Bhatia with his knowledge, understanding and passion for football.
- "He did a very good job at Ipswich Town, playing some fine, attacking football, and he has great ambition to achieve in this next chapter of his managerial career. We are all really looking forward to working with him."
- Magilton enjoyed three seasons at the helm at Portman Road, inspiring the Tractor Boys to an eighth place finish in season 2007/08, before guiding them towards a comfortable top-half finish prior to his departure in April.
- Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, the R's new boss said: "I'm really looking forward to the challenge of managing this great Football Club.
- "The Board are highly ambitious, but they are very realistic at the same time. I have huge ambitions to achieve as a Manager though, and our aim is to keep progressing, year after year.
- "There is a very strong group of players at the Club and with one or two additions over the summer, we can expect to be in a position to drastically improve upon the eleventh place finish secured last season."
Magilton will be joined at the Club by a new Assistant Manager in the coming weeks.
*The Club will be making no further comment at this stage. QPR


- Queens Park Rangers Football Club has today (Thursday) had to terminate Paulo De Sousa's employment with the Club with immediate effect.

It came to the Club's attention that Mr De Sousa had, without authority, divulged highly confidential and sensitive information. The Club, with legal advice, responded in this way to protect its position.
Player / Coach Gareth Ainsworth will take Caretaker charge on a temporary basis, from now until the end of the season.
The Club will be making no further comment.

QPR Official Site - November 19, 2008 - EXCLUSIVE: R'S APPOINT SOUSA
- Queens Park Rangers Football Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Paulo Sousa as First Team Coach.
- The 38 year-old, who won 51 caps for Portugal during an illustrious playing career and spent five years as assistant to Luis Felipe Scolari with the Portuguese national team, has penned a two-and-a-half year contract until the summer of 2011.
- Sousa, who will retain the services of temporary Caretaker Manager Gareth Ainsworth within his backroom staff, will take charge of the R's Coca Cola Championship fixture against Watford on Saturday.
- Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, Sousa said: "It is an honour to be part of this project. I have always wanted to work for a big Club and I am very excited about the opportunity to work for Queens Park Rangers.
- "I have great belief in my ideas and my coaching ability and I firmly believe I can achieve the objectives set by the management."
- Sousa added: "I believe in playing positive, attacking football. To achieve positive results you have to maintain a focused outlook and my team will aim to do this, both for ourselves and for the fans.
- "I am looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead."
- Flavio Briatore, QPR Holdings Limited Chairman, added: "Paulo is a very good appointment for this Football Club.
- "I have been keeping track of his work for the last few months and he is the right man for our project.
- "He has great experience after working with the Portuguese national team and he is part of the new generation of coach. He has worked with some of the World's best players and we are excited about having him.
- "His football career was highly impressive and he has great knowledge of the game. After five years with Portugal, he is ready for a new challenge and I am delighted he has agreed to join us."
- Briatore added: "I would like to thank Gareth Ainsworth for his contribution as Caretaker Manager and confirm that he still has a very important role to play at this Club. He is QPR through and through and will work very closely with Paulo as we build for a successful future."
- The Club will be making no further comment at this stage.


Iain Dowie's Departure
QPR CLUB STATEMENT - 24 Oct 2008 - Dowie
The Board of Queens Park Rangers Football Club has given notice to terminate the contract of Manager Iain Dowie with immediate effect.
Dowie, who took over the reins at Loftus Road in the summer, oversaw 15 matches in charge in all competitions and leaves the R's in ninth place in the Coca Cola Championship.
Player / Coach Gareth Ainsworth has been appointed Caretaker Manager on a temporary basis and will take charge of First Team affairs until further notice.
The Club will be making no further comment at this stage - QPR

Queens Park Rangers Football Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Iain Dowie as First Team Coach with immediate effect.
The 43 year-old, who spent three years in W12 during a distinguished playing career, has today (Wednesday 14th May 2008) put pen to paper on a two-year contract at Loftus Road.
Speaking about the appointment, QPR Sporting Director Gianni Paladini, said: "Iain Dowie has a proven track record in the Championship and we're delighted to have him on board."
Dowie, who enjoyed a brief stint as Caretaker Manager of the R's, before working under Gerry Francis in the role of Assistant Manager, also expressed his delight, commenting: "This is a very exciting long-term project.
"I'm very privileged to have been given the opportunity under the new ownership to return to the Club where I served my managerial apprenticeship.
"I've been thoroughly impressed by the new investors and their fresh, aggressive and innovative approach to all sporting matters, as well as the marketing and commercial aspect of this Football Club.
"QPR is a fantastic Club, with a steep and successful history and I'm going to relish the challenge that lies ahead." QPR

[Note: Scroll down for Iain Dowie's previous QPR Departure]


Farewell to De Canio QPR Official Site CLUB STATEMENT 8 May 2008
Queens Park Rangers Football Club have parted company with First Team Coach Luigi De Canio by mutual consent with immediate effect.
The Club would like to place on the record its thanks to Luigi for his contribution to QPR and wish him all the best for a successful future.
Mr De Canio also wanted to express his gratitude for the opportunity to manage Queens Park Rangers and also for the fantastic experience he had during his time in England.
The Club will be making no further comment at this stage.
An announcement on a successor will be made in due course.
May 2008

October 29 - QPR Official Site - EXCLUSIVE: DE CANIO APPOINTED
Queens Park Rangers Football Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Luigi De Canio as First Team Coach.
The contract period runs until the end of the 2009/10 season.
The 50 year-old has an extensive coaching pedigree having taken charge of Udinese, Napoli, Reggina, Genoa and most recently Siena in Serie A - who he helped keep in the top-flight for two consecutive seasons before leaving.
Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, De Canio said: "I am very excited at this fantastic opportunity to join Queens Park Rangers as their First Team Coach.
"For me, it will be an honour to work for Queens Park Rangers, a Club which is backed by Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore, two businessmen with an incredible track-record of success in sport and other fields.
"I would like to thank them and tell them I will not disappoint their expectations. I am fully committed to the project and I am looking forward to getting to work with the players in preparation for our forthcoming home fixture against Hull City on Saturday."
On behalf of the new management of QPR, Chairman Gianni Paladini expressed his delight at the capture of De Canio, commenting: "The Club is going through a phase of total restructuring and for us the appointment of Luigi De Canio is the first important step ahead in our long-term strategy.
"De Canio is a highly motivated professional, whose dynamic and aggressive approach fits perfectly with the image and philosophy of the new Management."
Paladini added: "De Canio is fully aware of the high standards and objectives that the new Management has set for the future of the Club, and he is ready and eager to take up the challenge"
Mick Harford, who has acted as Caretaker Manager since the departure of John Gregory in early October, has left the Club with immediate effect.
Paladini added: "We offered Mick a role within the new set-up and we're disappointed that he has turned this down. He has done a fantastic job since he arrived here in the summer and his contribution will never be forgotten.
"We all wish him the very best for the future."
*The Club will be making no further comment at this stage. QPR


October 1, 2007 - John Gregory's Departure QPR Official Site - CLUB STATEMENT
Queens Park Rangers Football Club have today terminated the employment of John Gregory as First Team Manager with immediate effect, following Sunday's 5-1 defeat at West Bromwich Albion.
First Team Coach, Mick Harford, has been appointed Caretaker Manager to take the team to Wednesday's fixture against Colchester United.
QPR Chairman, Gianni Paladini, said: "The Club would like to thank John for everything he has done during a difficult period as Manager, in particular for saving us from relegation last season.
"However, the performances and results this season have not met with our expectations. The league table does not lie.
"The Club have decided to act swiftly in time to turn things around for the remainder of the season.
"Mick will be Caretaker Manager for Wednesday's away game at Colchester and a further announcement about the post will be made after that.
"Everyone at QPR wants to wish John good luck and success in the future. In the meantime, Mick and the entire team are focused on achieving the Club's first win of the season at Colchester."
The Club will be making no further comment at this stage. QPR

John Gregory has been appointed as QPR First Team Manager with immediate effect.
Gary Waddock will now work under the former Aston Villa boss in an Assistant Manager's role.
In an exclusive interview with www.qpr.co.uk, Chairman Gianni Paladini revealed his delight at the appointment: "It's a fantastic scoop for the Club.
"John is a proven manager at the highest level and is very eager to get back in to the managerial game.
"He's sat down with Gary and talked everything through and the situation is perfect as we look to climb the Championship table.
"I'd like to wish the pair of them the very best in their new roles.''
Gregory - who has been out of the game since leaving Derby County in 2003 - commented: "I'm back in the hot-seat and it's a huge challenge.
"QPR are very close to my heart and it's a fantastic opportunity for me.
"This is a job I can very much get my teeth into and I'm relishing the challenge that lies ahead.
"Winning matches is what matters most in the business and we aim to do that, starting Saturday.''
Waddock said: "It's the right decision for the club, I'm just thankful that Gianni thinks enough of me to keep me here as Assistant Manager.
"I look forward to working with John, we both played together under Terry Venables and have the same work ethic.
"I'll learn a lot from him and I'm sure that this appointment will benefit the club I love."

GREGORY EXTENDED - Announcement of Gregory's Two Year Contract
April 23, 2007 - QPR Official Site -GAFFER STAYS ON
The Club are delighted to announce that John Gregory has agreed a two year extension to his current contract.
In the wake of the R's guaranteeing their Championship status with victory against Cardiff City on Saturday, Gregory has activated a clause within his existing contract that will see him remain at Loftus Road until the end of the 2008/09 campaign.
Speaking exclusively to www.qpr.co.uk, Gregory said: "I'm delighted to accept the offer made to me by Chairman Gianni Paladini.
"I feel very honoured to have been the Manager of QPR for the last seven months and to have been given the task of keeping us in the Championship. Now that has been secured, the rebuilding has to begin.
"We need to put some concrete in the foundations to make sure the Club does not sink to the appalling depths that it has done this season. That means making changes throughout the Club, which will not always be popular ones.
"I personally have never been happier. I look forward to working alongside Gianni, as we strive to build a better future for our loyal fans. All you need is love.''
Gregory joined the R's on September 20th 2006, replacing Gary Waddock, whose ten games in charge in all competitions at the start of the season heralded just two victories.
His impact was immediate, as the R's clinched back-to-back wins in his first two games, before four wins in five outings, culminating in Saturday's 1-0 win against the Bluebirds, confirmed the R's place in the second tier of English football.
Chairman Gianni Paladini expressed his delight at the news, commenting: "John Gregory has done a fantastic job in his short time in charge here and we are all delighted that he has agreed to be part of our future.
"The impact he has made since he arrived here in September has been quite staggering. The signings he has made have been inspirational and he's proven what a top Manager he is.
"He has our one hundred per-cent backing and he is most definitely the right man to lead us to what we hope will be a very bright future.''


Queens Park Rangers Football Club have parted company with Gary Waddock.
Waddock was named as manager on June 28 after a spell as caretaker manager following the departure of Ian Holloway.
The former Rangers midfielder moved into a coaching role when John Gregory was then appointed at the end of last month.
QPR would like to thank Gary and wish him every success in the future.

John Gregory has been appointed as QPR First Team Manager with immediate effect.
Gary Waddock will now work under the former Aston Villa boss in an Assistant Manager's role.
In an exclusive interview with www.qpr.co.uk, Chairman Gianni Paladini revealed his delight at the appointment: "It's a fantastic scoop for the Club.
"John is a proven manager at the highest level and is very eager to get back in to the managerial game.
"He's sat down with Gary and talked everything through and the situation is perfect as we look to climb the Championship table.
"I'd like to wish the pair of them the very best in their new roles.''
Gregory - who has been out of the game since leaving Derby County in 2003 - commented: "I'm back in the hot-seat and it's a huge challenge.
"QPR are very close to my heart and it's a fantastic opportunity for me.
"This is a job I can very much get my teeth into and I'm relishing the challenge that lies ahead.
"Winning matches is what matters most in the business and we aim to do that, starting Saturday.''
Waddock said: "It's the right decision for the club, I'm just thankful that Gianni thinks enough of me to keep me here as Assistant Manager.
"I look forward to working with John, we both played together under Terry Venables and have the same work ethic.
"I'll learn a lot from him and I'm sure that this appointment will benefit the club I love."

QPR have announced Gary Waddock as first team manager following the appointment of Ian Holloway at Plymouth Argyle.
The new role for the former QPR boss means that Waddock, who was named as Caretaker Manager in February, will now be able to officially take up the title of QPR manager.
Ian Holloway was in charge at Loftus Road since February 2001 and oversaw 266 games in his time at QPR, experiencing relegation and then promotion.
When he was placed on gardening leave earlier this year, Waddock stepped up from his position as first team coach to oversee the managerial side and has since instilled a 'no nonsense' work ethic at Harlington.
Waddock first recruited Alan McDonald as a first team coach before restructuring the scouting network and transfer listing and releasing 14 players in a bid to freshen up the squad and bring in his own men.
The new QPR boss said: "I'm delighted that QPR have finally been able to officially announce my position as first team manager.
"Now I'll feel a lot more confident in my role and I'm looking forward to implementing further changes behind the scenes as well as on the pitch.
"I've got a great back room staff here and we've been planning the coming season all summer.
"The work ethic and training methods will be subjected to a complete overhaul and we're looking forward to seeing the results on the pitch."You can see Gary Waddock's first interview as QPR manager on QPR World tomorrow.


QPR Official Site - Feburary 2006 - HOLLOWAY ON GARDENING LEAVE
QPR have announced that Ian Holloway has been placed on 'gardening leave.'Gary Waddock has been appointed as caretaker manager and will be taking first team training as of today.Waddock is currently being consulted about a potential caretaker assistant manager to join him in the next few days.The move follows speculation about Holloway joining Leicester City as their new manager.The club is keen to avoid any distraction to the playing side and to move forward with the rest of the season as speedily as possible.It has therefore put Ian Holloway and his managerial staff, Gary Penrice and Tim Breacker, on gardening leave with immediate effect.Gary Waddock started at work on Monday morning in training with the players and in preparation for next Saturday's derby game against Millwall.
Gianni Paladini said: "QPR has not sacked Ian, but we are concerned about recent performances and the effect the speculation about Ian joining Leicester City might have on the players."I hope we can sort something out with Ian as soon as possible. QPR will always be enormously grateful for the contribution he has made over the past five years, in particular gaining promotion for us in 2004."However, it is crucial the team are focussed and able to move forward, which is why we have appointed Gary as Caretaker Manager. I hope the fans will get behind Gary for the home derby against Millwall on Saturday."http://www.qpr.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/NewsDetail/0,,10373~779128,00.html

HOLLOWAY Appointed

QPR Official Site - February 26, 2001 - HOLLOWAY CONFIRMED AS BOSS
IAN HOLLOWAY was this afternoon unveiled as the new manager of Queens Park Rangers at a press conference at Loftus Road.
The 37-year-old who managed Bristol Rovers for four and a half seasons left the Memeorial Ground earlier this season and returns to Loftus Road where he spent five years as a player. Further details and quotes from the new boss will appear here later.

QPR Official Site - February 26, 2001- HOLLOWAY - I AM MY OWN MAN
New Rangers boss Ian Holloway insists his return to Loftus Road is a challenge he is cannot wait to undertake.
Holloway, who spent five years as the club in the mid '90s takes over the reins at Loftus Road less than a month after leaving his post as boss of Bristol Rovers, and follows the path of Rangers' Director of Football Gerry Francis, who also swapped the West Country for a return to West London in 1991.
Subsequently Holloway's respect for Francis, who he served under as a player for ten years, is very high, but the 37-year-old insists that he is very much his own man.
The new boss has signed a contract until the end of the season with a view to another year and he is very glad to be back at Loftus Road.
"I was lucky enough to work with Gerry for over ten years at two different clubs and when I met him I thought I knew a lot about football," he said.
"After I met him I realised I knew nothing. What he doesn't know about the game you can write on the back of a postage stamp and the affect that he had on my overall career was so strong that I think without him I wouldn't be say here right now.
"However, I am my own person, I have my own ideas and I motivate players in a different way to Gerry and I want to rub off on these players here and if I need anybody watched or any guidance then I can talk to Gerry.
"I am one of life's optimists but my policy is to be honest and open with our fans. They are the ones who pay the money to come in. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a wholehearted, passionate person and I was brought here before to rub off on the other players.
"I am hoping I can do that here with the players at the club and I am desperately looking forward to meeting them tomorrow morning and getting down to work." "I am absolutely delighted to be taking this on this challenge and I believe that by all pulling in the right direction we can get out of the position we are in."
More comprehensive quotes and a closer look at the new Rangers boss will appear here this afternoon.

QPR Official Site, February 21, 2001 - DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Nick Blackburn) ON HOLLOWAY APPOINTMENT
DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN Nick Blackburn believes the Rangers board have appointed the right man in Ian Holloway to take over as manager from Gerry Francis.
"We set a certain criteria in appointing a new manager; we wanted someone the ability to motivate, coach well, had experience of management but also someone who was on their way up in the game, someone to help re-structure the club in terms of the academy and the youth system and finally a man who knows players at a lower level in the game or people from Academy league clubs," he said.
"We also knew that Ian made a lot of money in the transfer market with Bristol Rovers which is something we have failed to do in recent years and also his ability to spot and develop players which he has done with the likes of Barry Hayles, Jason Roberts and Bobby Zamora in his time there.
"I know he brings a lot of passion in the way he works and has a lot of passion for this football club and after last Saturday's performance at Wimbledon, I hope some of that passion transmits to the players.
"Ian has signed a contract until the end of this season with another year with options and he is very heavily incentivised especially if he can keep us in the First Division this year which is absolutley crucial to the future of this club.
"He is also heavily incentivised in terms of league positions so I hope he is going to be here for another few years because if he is it will be because he has been able to bring success to the football club


QPR Official Site - March 7, 2001: DOWIE LEAVES QPR
IAIN DOWIE has left QPR after having his contract paid up in full by the club. Dowie has worked very hard during his time at QPR and the club wishes him every success in the future.
New manager Ian Holloway is looking to bring in his own backroom staff. Holloway said: "When I got the job I talked about bringing in my own backroom staff which most people do in football. I've taken this decision now in order to give him the best chance of getting another job.
"Iain has worked very hard for the club and I'm sure he will do very well in the future. We wish him all the best."
Antti Heinola is also leaving Loftus Road and returning to his native Finland. The QPR defender, whose contract has been terminated by mutual consent, is going home to begin studying for an economics degree.
Another player to be leaving Loftus Road is Leon Jeanne after completing a period of notice issued by the club.

IN THE build-up to the Gillingham game, assistant boss Iain Dowie has been putting forward his case in the interviews for the manager's job at Rangers.
Iain said: "I've had my interview and I put my point to the board. I think continuity here is very important.
"We've got 18 players out of contract and it is important that the new manager does know the players.
"I also feel I've got something fresh to give. I think I am an innovative coach and I can get a response from the lads.
"I also feel I can step into the mantle of a manager. I've got some bright ideas and things I want to implement. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity.
"I consider this to be a very good club and one that I've really enjoyed my time at. Hopefully my hard work will have earned me the opportunity to be the next manager. If I don't get the job, it won't be through lack of hard work when I've been coaching.
"It's nice that a large percentage of the fans feel that I should get the opportunity. I understand that people have been putting my name forward on the internet, which is lovely. It's nice to know that I have that support and I'd like to get Rangers back to a position where we can challenge for honours."


February 2001 CLUB STATEMENT 16 February 2001 - Francis StAnds Down
We have known that Gerry Francis was considering retirement at the end of this season when his contract expires and this week he confirmed to the QPR Board that this was the case.
Following discussions with Gerry it was mutually agreed that it was important to install a new manager now in order to plan for next season, particularly with regard to existing players' contracts and any incoming players. The new manager when appointed will immediately assume responsibility for the First team and will obviously focus on doing everything possible to ensure that QPR do not get relegated this season.
Gerry has been asked to remain with QPR until his contract expires and will work with the new manager on planning for next season, including such issues as our Academy situation and our Scouting network.
The Board would like to go on record as publicly thanking Gerry for the job he has performed over the last two years in very difficult circumstances, keeping QPR up in the first year and finishing tenth last season. His commitment to the club is second to none and we feel that he has made a major contribution in trying to turn the club around. He has been offered a place on the Club Board next year should he wish to take it up.
Discussions with candidates for the manager's job have already started and the Board hopes to be in a position to make an announcement as soon as possible. In the meantime, Gerry Francis will be in charge for the match against Barnsley and we hope he leaves the job with the win the club needs.

GERRY FRANCIS was emotional about the 2-0 win over Barnsley in what was probably his last home game in charge as manager.
Gerry said: "It was a very sad day and an emotional day for me. The fans were fantastic again on Saturday.
"Some supporters look deeply at the situation. They ask why did the man come back in the first place? He didn't have to and the club was going nowhere, bottom of the league and nine points adrift.
"He knew the situation, he didn't moan and groan because he didn't have any money, he didn't moan and groan about having to cut wages, he didn't moan and groan that he had no signing on fees. He brought a couple of kids through, he went to non-League. And he found a couple of players which are the club's future, like Peter Crouch and Clarke Carlisle.
"He had tragic injury problems this year with six broken legs, Rob Steiner retiring, Danny Maddix not playing all season and two cruciate ligaments. Any manager in the country - including Alex Ferguson - would have struggled with those injuries. I've never known anything like it in my life.
"So I just feel that supporters looking at football and managers can see beyond results sometimes. Obviously I am delighted that they can.
"This has been the hardest job I've had to do in my career, with some very difficult circumstances and problems along the way. I feel I've earned a rest now.
"It was a very, very nice gesture to offer me a place on the board here. But no one knows what the situation will be here in a couple of months. The club is still up for sale. A new owner might come in and not know who I am! So you just don't know what is around the corner."

October 16 1998 FRANCIS BACK HOME
QUEENS PARK RANGERS today announced that Gerry Francis has been appointed the club's new Director of Football. Chairman Chris Wright confirmed that Francis would take up the position immediately.
Francis who sent more than 17 years at Queens Park Rangers, both as manager and player, has been appointed on a three year contract and fills the gap left recently by Ray Harford who resigned on September 28th.
Francis, who has been out of football since leaving Spurs a year ago, said of his new appointment:"I'm delighted to be back at Loftus Road. I spent many happy and successful years here and it's great to be home again. Although there is a major job ahead, I believe the club has huge potential and I look forward to the challenge."
Welcoming Francis back to Loftus Road, Chris Wright said "It is great to have Gerry back. We chose him because of his proven track record and significantly, his achievements as a manager. This talent, coupled with his strong emotional commitment to the club, is a combination we beleive is impossible to find elsewhere."
Iain Dowie, who took over as caretaker manager following Harford's departure last month, has been appointed player/coach working alongside Francis.
Francis' will attend QPR's league fixture at Huddersfield tomorrow, but Dowie, who has been preparing the team for this tough game, will remain in charge in his role as caretaker manager.

QPR Official Site - October 16, 1998 FRANCIS BACK HOME
NEW RANGERS manager Gerry Francis has spoken about his decision to come back to Rangers and is prepared for the cahallenges ahead.
Francis, the fans top choice to succeed Ray Harford, was installed on Friday afternoon at Loftus Road and is pleased to be back again at the club that nurtured his prestigious career.
"I'm pleased to be back, but I know what a challenge it is and I've committed myself to the situation and now I have to see if I can pull QPR back to where I left it."
"There is no money to spend on players, but I knew this when I came on and you can't hide behind those things, I put my reputation on the line and it's up to me to sort it out."
"I've gone into this sort of situation before, Tottenham at ten months bristol Rovers was dire I had to lend them money to buy players. It's a difficiult situation but you've got to be positive."
In 11 months I've turned down 12 opportunites flat to go back into the game, it was only my love and concern for QPR that let me to talk to Chris Wright. I was shocked when I found out the bottom line, and I had several other meetings but I in the end I decided to take it - I know Chris will say I did that with hy heart rather than my head, and he's probably right but we'll have to see how things go. We've got to get up the league and build a team that can get us promotion to the premeir league, because that's where I want to be. I want to show my commitment to the club and I'm prepared to buy in on the share side of it and try and change things around.. What I'll be working for is to try and improve that and on the field as well. Certainly we can't carry on with the current financial situation, that has to be turned around. The likes of the Gallen's, Quashie's and Dichio's that I lef there when i left have to be brought through again because they are vital to the club because we have no money to buy players.


CARETAKER boss Iain Dowie has returned to training at Rangers after a successful weekend away with Northern Ireland, and is ignoring all the media hype regarding the vacant manager's position.
Iain says: " Whatever the scenario is at QPR, I’m just taking it day by day and working very hard to get the lads prepared for Saturday. I can’t affect anything that goes on off the field. I had a chat with the directors at Rangers and they will make their decision.
Whatever that is, I’ll go along with it. I just want to see QPR do well. That’s the most important thing at the moment. It’s not about personalities. It’s about everyone fighting and pulling the same way for the benefit of the club."


- Queens Park Rangers FC announced on Monday morning the resignation of Manager Ray Harford following the team's 4-1 defeat at Oxford United on Saturday. Ray felt that at this difficult time it was in the Club's best interests he should step down.
- The Club has appointed player/coach Iain Dowie, who has also been managing the unbeaten Reserve Team, as Caretaker Manager. Dowie will be in charge of the team for tomorrow's game at Wolverhampton Wanderers, and for next Saturday's home match against Grimsby Town.
- The Board intend to advertise the position of manager and will be hoping to interview a short lisst of candidates over the next two weeks. An appointment will be made in due course.
- In the probability of the home game against Ipswich Town on 11th October being postponed due to International duties, the Board will endeavour to have a manager in place by the following game away to Huddersfield town (17th October).
- The Board gave careful consideration to appointing Player/Assistant Manager Vinnie Jones as Manager. The Board decided that it was in the best interests of the Club to formulate a short list of candidates for the position of Manager who will be interviewed in due course. Vinnie will be considered as part of this process.
- A further announcement will be made in due course.

QPR CHAIRMAN CHRIS WRIGHT tonight confirmed the widest known secret in football that Ray Harford was to be appointed the new manager at Loftus Road.
The QPR supremo revealed that negotiations for Harford's signature were almost complete and that he expected the former West Brom boss to be at the helm before the weekend.
" I can tell all Rangers fans that we have agreed the basic terms for Ray Harford to become the new manager of QPR."
" He has resigned from his position at WBA, who are refusing to accept he is out of contract. As far as we and our lawyers are concerned he is not in contract and we hope to conclude the agreement sometime tomorrow morning in time for him to take training."
The Chairman then indicated the reasons for Ray's selection and the role of John Hollins who has been acting as caretaker manager since the dismissal of Stewart Houston.
"We have asked Ray to take John Hollins as his assistant and at the moment John is considering all his options, but we very much hope the two of them will be managing the first team."
"Ray's record speaks for itself. He has managed at all levels, both in the lower divisions and in the Premier League. He was coach at Blackburn with Kenny Dalglish and then took over. He has done an excellent job at WBA, taking a team last season who were close to relegation and turning them into promotion candidates."
" He comes with more experience than virtually any manager in the country, he has an excellent record in the transfer market and is an expert at bringing players on. He lives in London and he is welcoming the chance to work at QPR believing we have the potential to get back into the Premier League."
" I believe Ray will prove to be an excellent choice to take QPR into the Premiership and stay there."
Chris Wright complimented John Hollins on the job he had done over the last few weeks and complimented him for restoring spirit at the club and with the fans.
" John has been brilliant. Spirit is excellent between the players and the fans think they have reclaimed their club."
"I'm looking forward to working with Ray and I am sure he will do an excellent job."

RANGERS and West Brom reached an agreement over Ray Harford on Friday morning, leaving the way clear for the former Hawthornes boss to take over this afternoon at Loftus Road.
West Brom had tried to prevent Harford, who resigned from his Hawthorns post on Thursday morning, from taking up the Rangers post without them receiving any compensation and were believed to be seeking a sum in the region of £500,000 for the loss their boss.
Harford is now free to resume as manager and is expected to take over training this afternoon. A decision as to whether John Hollins will accept the appointment as assistant manager is expected in the near future.
Speaking after the agreement between the two clubs had reached its faviourable conclusion, Ray revealed his relief at the outcome.
" I'm very excited about the opportunity and can't wait to get my feet under the table."
" I think the next few games are vitally important as given the right results they could put us right in amongst the chasing pack."
Ray will not be in charge for Saturday's game against Sunderland, but will be watching from the stands. John Hollins will be in the dugout and will select the side.


QPR Official Site - November 10, 1997 - BOARD RELEASE HOUSTON AND RIOCH

BOSS Stewart Houston and Assistant Manager Bruce Rioch have parted company with Queens Park Rangers, after a board meeting at Loftus Road on Monday night.
A statement issued by the club read:
"Following a meeting of the Board of QPR, at which Stuart Houston was present, the club has reluctantly decided to release both Stuart Houston and Bruce Rioch.
A caretaker manager will be appointed in the interim period."
Chairman Chris Wright will issue a full statement following the AGM of Loftus Road plc tomorrow afternoon. The excusive interview will be available on this site from around 6pm GMT.

QPR Official Site - November 11, 1997 - THE WRIGHT WAY FORWARD

CHRIS WRIGHT revealed today that fan power had necessitated the removal of Stewart Houston and Bruce Rioch as the managerial team at Loftus Road
As John Hollins was installed as caretaker boss, the chairman insisted he would not be rushed into finding immediate replacements.
" I did feel it was important that Stewart carried the body of the fans with him, we had taken six points from 24 and the feeling was we were not moving in the right direction."
" I know that Stewart never really endeared himself to the fans, he didn't see that as part of his job and I felt Stewart was struggling to carry support with him."
" I wanted to give him until the end of the year, but I felt it was better to make a clean break."
Turning his attention to the fuure and the installation of the new man at the helm, Wright revealed.
" I don't want to lurch from one manager to another. I want to go into this feeling, this is the best man, rather than getting in someone tomorrow afternoon."
" It could be days, weeks, months or even the end of the season."
" Twelve months ago we felt we were a Premiership Club who would be promoted. We gave players contracts thinking we would be back in 12 months time. The reality is now we are a Division One club. To get out of this division is now a priority and we're looking for a manager capable of getting us well equipped to survive and then getting us out of the division."
" We want someone who knows about the Nationwide League and its players, who will bring the best ones to QPR to get us into the Premier League."
As the Rangers supremo laid out his plans, he apologised to Bruce Rioch over the way he had found out about his dismissal, on Ceefax rather than having been informed directly.
" Stewart was to inform Bruce. I don't know why Stewart took a little longer than we anticipated to contact him. I'm genuinely sorry Bruce found out the way he did."
Having aligned himself with popular opinion in making the managerial change, Chris made a personal plea to R's supporters to get back and stand full square behind John Hollins and the team saying.
" This is your club. It's up to you to get behind your team. You've been quiet at home, now show everybody how much you feel for the club. I know your opinions, we've acted on them, now get behind us again."


QPR Official Site - November 18 - JOHN WANTS TOP JOB
CARETAKER boss John Hollins has expressed a keen interest in becoming the next manager of Queens Park Rangers.
John is in charge on a temporary basis, starting with Saturday's home game against Stoke. But he'd like the job permanently.
Hollins says:"It would be an honour and I'd be very pleased. First things first, though, and we've got one match on Saturday. Let's take each game as it comes and look for a Rangers victory."
"We have some great guys to work with. I want Rangers a happy place to play. Football is an enjoyable game and I enjoy working with the squad. I want these guys to have a smile on their faces, but with grit and determination in matches to make sure we win.

[Note: The Wilkins departure/Houston appointment announcement yet to be found!]]

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